The Book of Job | Official Trailer

The Book of Job is a classic coming-of-age high school comedy. Job Dugan (Benjamin Singel) is a hopeless romantic who falls madly in love with Alice Krenshaw (Allison Hardin) after Sunday mass. He soon finds out that she’s dating the school football captain Robert Fonda (Cole Cordell) and decides the best way to impress her is to be like him.

Written & Directed by Andrew Oh
Produced by Alli Barta p.g.a., Al Bouchillon p.g.a., and David Fice p.g.a.
Starring Benjamin Singel, Lauren Floyd, Miles Alexander, Allison Hardin,
Cole Cordell, Eileen Alger, Eric Berg, and Robb Hudspeth
A Studio 117 Production

The Book of Job | Teaser Trailer

A high school student falls in love with a girl and mimics her boyfriend to win her over.