Andrew Oh


Andrew is an alumnus of SMU with a degree in Film & Media Arts. He wrote his first feature-length script in high school, and has written and directed three short films while at SMU: Tableau of Two, Prairie Farm, and Love From a Mile Away. In addition, he has been first assistant camera on a Production 3 short, first assistant director on a thesis film, and, most notably, production sound mixer on the previous SMU Summer Film Production Elsewhere, TX. He also has experience working on professional film and television sets as a production sound mixer and production assistant.


Al Bouchillon


Al Bouchillon is a senior BFA in Film & Media Arts. His expected graduation date is May 2019. He has directed a series of shorts while at SMU, including Losing My Mind and Simulated Insanity. He has been first assistant camera on three SMU thesis projects. Most notably, he has produced a ten minute short film called Puzzling and a public service advertisement campaign. He also has experience with SMU Football’s Videography Department. At that position he coordinates with a team of videographers and captures highlights during SMU football games. He then oversees the consolidation and organization of footage from multiple parties through editing to its weekly release.


David Fice


David is a senior BFA in Film & Media Arts. His expected graduation date is May 2019. He has directed a handful of projects while at SMU, namely The Last Ride and The Lumen Voyeur. David has seven years of production experience and has worked closely, as the director of photography, on many projects with director Andrew Oh including Love From a Mile Away, Prairie Farm, and Tableau of Two. He has also worked under and alongside SMU master’s student Ryan Blitzer and USC master’s student Tony Rettenmaier. David’s most notable work includes his work as cinematographer on Rachel Cocke’s senior thesis film, Deadly Sins, and Jacob Estrada’s senior thesis film, Androids. He was the three time winner of the future filmmaker award and the Algur H. Meadows Arts Scholarship for his artistic vision and impassioned drive.


Alli Barta


Alli is a junior BFA in Film and Media Arts. Her expected graduation date is May 2020. She has directed three of her own films at SMU entitled Strings, Ollie’s Advocate, and Shadows, and assisted on many more. Noteworthy work includes production assistant on SMU alum Charles Bush’s short film Corporate Shenanigans as well as shadowing a producer under master’s student Ryan Blitzer’s commercial spec shoot. She has assisted as a grip under a thesis film and a Production 3 short. She acted as a script supervisor in alum Daniel Pappas’ short film Pillow Talk and acted as assistant director for a senior independent film.